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Our Services

What Can We Do For You?

We can design a multi-channel outreach program, that will bring new business meetings into your sales pipeline every month. 

We can source prospects, manage account segmentation, plan an outreach program, and write suggested outreach too, all for free. 

To do this we will use all the mediums sales people need to use in today’s market. 

We will do this for zero upfront cost, and only charge for each attended meeting. 

Every interaction we have will be approved by you. 

Pricing Model

You may be wondering why you wouldn't just handle this task internally.

Hiring and training SDRs is a time consuming and expensive exercise with often mixed results.

With a Pay-Per-Lead model you can avoid these risks and remove this hassle from you day. Instead spending time on what you actually do best - closing business.

We charge a flat fee for each attended meeting we book.

This fee will will depend upon the size of your target market and the persona of prospect you wish to meet with.


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